dimanche 14 septembre 2014

Street Style in front of Street Art

Spotted this beautiful graffiti this morning. This amazing to see that Art is everywhere around us and how the street art is so inspiring our everyday life! J'ai decouvert ce magnifique graffiti ce matin. C'est incroyable de voir que l'Art est partout autour de nous et combien le Street Art inspire notre vie de tous les jours!

vendredi 12 septembre 2014

Here I am! First Post!

Fashion Designer since over 18 years, I always used my hands as the best tools to realize my bunch of ideas. Clothes, jewelry,accessories, illustrations ... all are my passion and my way to express myself. I'm French, I traveled the world and worked in so amazing, inspiring cities, that I can't stop my brain to pop-up a new idea each minute ! I hope you will enjoy them...

This is me ! Front, Profile and back! And my dear Little Black Dresse.... One of my passion. Most of all the articles you will see on my blog, are my own creations.

I sell my collection in my ETSY online shop


A bit more about me:

My first Workshop/Boutique was in Paris (France), close to the Montorgueil street. In this boutique, I created, tailor-made corsets for a wild range of clients ( Brides, Actress, Singers… ) I'm not ashamed to say that my best clients was the girls band THE PUSSY CAT DOLLS , Famke Jansen, the actress, Anastacia… 
Corsets are my childhood passion and still. I spent 7 years in this charming glamourous boutique and then, life called me to run around the world… Such great experiences! So inspiring !
I never stoped to create corset, and naturally, clients asked me to create gowns, dresses, accessories, jewels matching and completing their outfits. 
And here I am now, creating some pretty little dresses, most of all black … Ah! The famous Little lack Dress … The legend. Timeless and perfect in any occasion. Of course, I also adore working colors bright or soft, plain or pattern!
I'm a fashion lover.
 I craft all the goods by myself. A to Z, I do, I really do! 
Working with my hands is a blessing and I really hope that you will enjoy and support my creativity…
I'm open to all your suggestions and inquiries!  Contact me any time!

Now, I'm going back to my tools, 

XOXO  Sophie